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The Verge Reviews Google Glass

Interesting review.  And the video was great.  I think Google Glass is interesting, and I would definitely be interested in Glass for activities like cycling, skiing, even golf.  But as a device potentially as ubiquitous as smartphones, I hope Glass fails.  Here's why:

  • I paid nearly $3000 so that I wouldn't have to wear glasses.  I don't want a 3D TV that requires me to wear glasses.  I don't want to spend my days with these things on my face.
  • Do we really need this much multi-tasking?  People cite the ease of interaction with messages, Tweets, social networking updates/notifications, etc. that Glass provides.  Do we really need it?  How about ignoring your phone for a few minutes?  Instead of being a burden to pull your phone out of your pocket, how about you content yourself with present company?  Besides, it's NOT seamless.  At best you can tell when someone's eyes lose focus.  In the current iteration, Topolsky's eyes noticeably look up when he's viewing content on the Glass HUD.  I think this will de-personalize our relationships and human-to-human interaction even more. 
  • Even though Glass augments reality rather than replacing it, I think this will lead to more distraction: pedestrians focused on the HUD rather than on traffic; focusing on recording a moment versus enjoying it; etc.

The technology is interesting; even compelling.  But at the end of the day I think there is a mountain to move in terms of social acceptance of a device like glass.  I hope it stays niche; I'm worried it won't.