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Pebble smartwatch review | The Verge

Here's a review of the Pebble Smartwatch from Nilay Patel of The Verge.  I think this is interesting for a couple of reasons.  First, Pebble was one of the most highly publicized projects to come out of Kickstarter, and more importantly, it was a successful (albeit delayed) launch.  Second, I think wearable tech is going to be one of the next two big areas of consumer product innovation (TV will be the other).

I have long argued that there isn't going to be one device that replaces the PC.  Rather, it's going to be many separate devices that work together (including PAN, LAN, and with the cloud, WAN).  The watch is one of these devices, along with glasses, phones, tablets, connected appliances, Smart TV's, etc. all working in concert.  Personal preferences are going to drive the device mix and end experience.  For example, I paid thousands of dollars to "fix" my eyes because I hate wearing glasses, so no matter how compelling, Google Glass won't be in my device mix.  I know plenty of others who hate wearing watches.