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SSID as an advertising tool

Wireless SSIDs can be a controversial topic. Recently there has been discussion as to whether hiding your SSID is really more secure. I know a lot of people who have their home networks named after favorite sports teams, or more cheeky expressions warning people not to steal their connection.


One thing I never really have much thought to was using a broadcast SSID as a form of advertising. My office sits above a small courtyard filled with shops and cafés, most of which are broadcasting SSIDs. Most are forgettable (multiple "Netgear", "BigPond…", etc.). However, one I see every day when I connect named "Gallery Flowers".


My wife's birthday rolled around late last month and I decided to send her flowers at work. Even though I walk by several florists every day on my way to work, the first place I thought of when I went to buy flowers was Gallery Flowers. I have still never seen the inside of their shop, but seeing the SSID every day prompted me to search for their website and order flowers to be delivered to my wife.


Anyone had a similar experience? Do any business owners consciously name their wireless networks to increase visibility of their business?