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Adventures of an Unemployed Expat

OK, so my two blog readers have told me to post more.  Some other folks have told me to start a blog.  So to satisfy both requests, I have created a new category entitled “Adventures of an Unemployed Expat”.  I will post about my time in Australia with the intent on being more observational about business, culture, challenges, unsuccessful attempts at humor, etc. (see my posts from Russia).  If you want to see what the family is up to, friend me on Facebook.

Wait.  Australia?  Unemployed?  I guess I should begin with a little back story.  In January, my wife was offered a three year assignment in Melbourne, Australia.  It’s not often that you get to live in the “most livable city in the world”, much less be paid a premium plus expenses to do so.  In the end, it was an offer we couldn’t refuse.  I attempted to arrange remote work arrangements or find a job with HP Australia, but things didn’t pan out.  So after twelve years, three business units (enterprise servers, business desktops and thin clients, business notebooks), and three jobs (software engineering, technical program management, and strategic marketing), I left HP.

So that’s where I stand.  I’m talking to a few companies here in Melbourne including some of the usual industry suspects – HP, IMB, Apple, etc.  I’m also working on establishing my own “company” of sorts, basically me doing business strategy and market/industry research consulting work and software development with a focus on Windows Embedded Standard 2009 and 2011.

In the meantime I’m being Mr. Mom for my two girls and living the life of a kept man.  My traditional blocker blogging more often has been time.  While a three year old and an eight month old don’t exactly provide superfluous free time, I should have a few more minutes a day to post.  So stay tuned…